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I love cute stuff, especially big and small. There’s something undeniably fun about these shrunken butternut squash (they call them Honeynuts, awww!), apple pies in two bites and cocktail pigs in a blanket. However, it is rarer for things to go the other way. Probably because Honey, I cut down on the kids– turning a quiche into something tiny is easier and more normal than, say, making a macaroon the size of your face or an arancini the size of a basketball. On the rare occasion when small food can successfully go into large format, it feels festive and special. Big food? Oh, yeah: it’s party food.

Modern Bombay, a new cookbook by Amisha Dodhia Gurbani, coming out on November 2, is full of fun twists on Indian cooking at home, using bright flavors and heartwarming ingredients in delicious ways. “Vegetarian recipes inspired by Indian roots and Californian cuisine,” the book’s caption reads, and the product-rich recipes keep that promise. Think pear and chai masala cinnamon rolls, paneer skewers in a cilantro and peanut pesto, and what Gurbani calls the “Ultimate Mumbai-California Veggie Burger,” which, wow, got me listed. But flipping through the book the first time around, the recipe that immediately sent me to the grocery store was for a cheese samosa pie.

This pie is exactly as delicious as it looks: all the flavors of a samosa, plus a layer of melt-in-the-mouth Fontina cheese, puffed up to party-sized proportions. With the help of a sheet of frozen puff pastry, it’s relatively easy to make and almost impossibly buttery and flaky, exactly the sort of thing I would love to find next to the charcuterie plate. From the dough it consists of a layer of caramelized onions, the aforementioned cheese, a mixture of potatoes and spicy peas, and an array of toppings and finishing touches: fresh cilantro, seeds. of sweet pomegranate, green coriander-mint chutney and a tangy tamarind and date chutney. (If your neck hurts from nodding affirmatively with each additional layer, ditto.) It’s a riot of flavors and textures, from ping pong from sweet to grassy to savory to gooey to crispy to crispy. . And because it’s a flat, square pie as opposed to a whole bunch of folded, stuffed, and fried pastries, it’s the kind of thing that’s doable within an hour of your guests arriving.

Gurbani’s original recipe makes two 10-inch samosa pies, which, when cut into small squares, are ideal for a large gathering. But we’ve narrowed down the recipe to one, which easily serves eight people as a party appetizer, or four if you decide to make the dang for dinner (you did and can confirm, it’s a great plan) . If you want to work ahead, you can prepare most of the components – the caramelized onions, the potato and pea filling, and the green herb chutney – a day ahead, then assemble and bake the pie. just before serving it. When your guests ask you what this magical, flaky, fully loaded dish is, you can tell them it’s a samosa … grown big.

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Samosa Tart With Caramelized Onions And Fontina

When you’re not ready for frying, instead cook a spicy samosa potato filling in a bed of buttery puff pastry.

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