With dollar backpacking prices over $ 1, are there any real dollar stores left? | Personal finance


Family dollar

Like Dollar General, Family Dollar is essentially a low-cost, versatile retailer, offering a range of household items, seasonal decorations, clothing, and basic groceries. And yes, many items cost over $ 1. A recent weekly ad featured pajama sets for $ 7 to $ 12, storage containers for $ 7 to $ 16, bath towels for $ 5 each, and comforters for $ 35.

Five below

As the name suggests, Five Below’s prices are always $ 5 or less. So it’s not really a dollar store, nor does it claim to be. So it’s no surprise that many prices exceed $ 1 at Five Below, which was founded in 2002 and has more than 1,000 stores in 39 states.

Powerful dollar

This regional distribution chain, with 15 pitches in North Carolina and Kentucky, features the usual scavenger hunt for dollar store closures: greeting cards, baby accessories, seasonal decorations, snacks, toys, party supplies, kitchen supplies and more. Unlike other “dollar” stores, Mighty Dollar claims that absolutely everything they sell really only costs $ 1.

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