United Way campaign kicks off during football game against Clemson


When you look at the huge scoreboard hanging in the center during the big football game between Syracuse and Clemson on October 15 and other football and basketball games at the stadium this fall, Andrew Goodrich hopes you will notice two things :

The Orange is a winner, and a reminder to donate to United Way of Central New York.

The Syracuse University United Way Giving 2022 employee engagement campaign will officially begin on October 15. Goodrich, deputy director of sports and director of marketing for athletics, said employees and community members attending the game will be reminded of the campaign in a variety of ways: public directing announcements and video slides encouraging fans send an SMS to make a donation (“SU United” to 85511); a video of former basketball star Demetris Nichols encouraging fans to text to donate; and this video promoting Centraide.

“When you visit the Dome and see this crowd, then look up and see this United Way sign, I hope it reminds you that so many people in this crowd at that time have been positively affected by the support of the United Way and its network of community supporters, ”said Goodrich. “I encourage everyone to donate; no matter the size of the donation, it makes a difference. Every donation has an impact.

The campaign runs through mid-December and University employees are encouraged to consider making a voluntary donation through My Slice for a one-time donation or a regular payroll deduction each pay period. For those who prefer a paper pledge card, contact Campaign Coordinator Maggie Ekdahl at meekdahl@syr.edu or 315.443.8052.

This year’s college campaign co-chairs are Ryan Williams, vice president of enrollment services, and Michael Frasciello, dean of the College of Professional Studies.

“When you donate and support Centraide, you immediately see the impact on the non-profit organizations that Centraide supports,” said Frasciello. “I just think it’s an obligation that we have as active participants in this community.”

The United Way of Central New York funds 64 different programs at 27 local branches, and all funds raised stay in central New York City. For every dollar donated, an additional $ 3 returns to the community in the form of matching funds, allowing United Way to harness and direct these funds to meet the most critical needs of our local community.

“It’s good to give to one organization, but when you think about donating to Centraide, what you are doing is supporting a range of services, a plethora of services, that can help individuals or families to cover a multitude of issues and needs, ”says Williams.

In addition to the co-chairs, the campaign is led by a network of team leaders from each college and department on campus. These team leaders promote the campaign and encourage their colleagues to participate. Many departments organize their own activities to raise additional funds in addition to employee pledges, and then donate the proceeds of those activities to the campaign.

“I believe that communities are strong because people make them strong, and therefore I personally feel an obligation to support these organizations which are truly responsible for the quality of our community and the quality of life of our citizens” , says Catherine Gérard, professor of practice at the Maxwell School of Citizenship and Public Affairs. “I want to be a part of it, so the way I am a part of it is that I contribute to Centraide.

While typical department activities include bake sales, team games, and gift basket raffles, departments have been very creative over the years. The iSchool team brought their dogs to work and the students and staff who donated were able to spend time playing with the dogs. Last year, the Facilities Services team created a unique piece of memorabilia by placing a section of the old stadium roof in a shadowbox frame with a photo and held a silent auction among their team which enabled to raise nearly $ 1,000 for Centraide.

“Over the years we have learned from our employees who have tried new ideas and contributed to the campaign and supported a variety of fundraising events,” said Cydney Johnson, vice president of community engagement and government relations who oversees the campaign. “It’s strong and positive teamwork!

Employee participation in the campaign is voluntary and participating employees can choose to either have automatic payroll deduction or a one-time donation of any amount. University retirees are also welcome to participate, as many appreciate the long tradition and generous spirit of this annual event.

“The key to working together to make a difference is that some people will donate very large, others will donate smaller,” said Goodrich. “But whatever donation you may make, you can rest assured and confident that combined and together, we will do more and have a great impact on the community.”

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