South Australia offers update on Greek fire call for Mati bushfires in 2018


During the terrible Mati bushfires of 2018, the Greek Fire Appeal was created under the auspices of the Greek Orthodox community in South Australia.

The committee, made up of members of various community associations as well as leaders from businesses and other fields, opened a bank account into which funds were donated to the Mati Greek Fire appeal. Greek Fire Appeal 2018 Chairman Bill Gonis provided members with an update on the current status of funds donated to bank accounts “invested with Commonwealth, Delphi and Sydney banks”.

“In October 2018, the Greek Firefighters Appeal Board allocated a substantial sum of money from funds raised to purchase specialized medical equipment for skin grafting in South Australia, which was shipped and donated to the Magoula Athens General Hospital, to help with treatment. victims of the fire in the burns unit of this hospital, ”said Mr. Gonis, adding that the committee had made a number of contacts with various authorities in Greece in order to finance a project with the balance of money held in Australian bank accounts.

“In March 2019, it was brought to our attention that 20 officials, including the mayors of Attica, Rafina, Marathon and others, were indicted for responsibility for the fires,” Mr Gonis said.

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”In September 2019, a Member of the South African Parliament visited Greece and met with various authorities in Attica and Mati to explore the possibility of establishing an appropriate project for the benefit of the families of the victims of the fire, in accordance with to the objectives of the Committee.

“On his return from Greece in January 2020, the MP presented a written report to the committee, which was carefully considered. “

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, attention has shifted, with the virus taking priority. The closure of national borders and the cancellation of trips abroad made communication with the Greek authorities difficult.

“In February 2021, the Committee requested the assistance of the Consul General of Greece in South Australia to pursue its objectives and continues to pursue its objective of allocating the funds raised during the appeal to a worthy project, thus fulfilling the ‘duty of due diligence for the acquittal of money donated by the public,’ said Mr. Gonis.

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