New CEO takes stock of real estate transactions

Bergman said, “We have grown over the years and continue to focus on our relationships with sources of credit, and this includes banks, funds, credit unions, Wall Street stores and corporations. life insurance – the more relationships we have, the better we can serve. our clients.

“We accept any type of agreement that must find the right source of loan. Having the breadth of relationships we have, the deal is much more likely to be successful. As an example, last month we linked transactions to apps with 52 different lenders. That’s an astronomical number in a month.

“We also have an ongoing agreement with a lender in Alaska. I would venture to assume that most of my competition would just go through with it and say they just don’t have any lenders doing business in Alaska, ”he added.

Among its scarecrows, there are any banking regulations that go against common sense and mortgage professionals who do not properly allocate their time: “In the service, you sell your time, it is the only thing that we have to propose, ”he remarked.

Looking ahead, Bergman said the coming year promises more of the same upward growth the company has enjoyed so far (“the next 12 months are going to be great for the mortgage industry”) , adding that there was “a hunger” among lenders to get out of capital.

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