Letter: Rebuilding our community through access to education | Letters to the Editor


To the editor: I recently learned about an innovative approach to creating a skilled workforce for communities.

Pine County, Minnesota has decided to use its federal stimulus funds to make its technical and community tuition free for all students over the next two years. They have decided to use their federal stimulus funds to pay for student tuition because the current national Build Back Better bill will not include these funds.

While recent federal stimulus dollars have been pledged to various organizations in our community, there may still be time to consider redirecting some of these funds to pay for the tuition fees of our students attending Berkshire Community College. ? If not, let’s look at a way to use other stimulus or county funds for this initiative.

Providing funds to pay the tuition fees of Berkshire Community College students, at least for the next 2 years, would allow more members of our community to have the opportunity to attend our community college. This would help students acquire the skills employers in our community need to stay in business.

The approach of making community college tuition free seems like an exciting way to help rebuild our community and our economy. Let’s be the first East Coast community to create this opportunity.

Peter Lazes, West Stockbridge

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