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On November 4, Hill House Home Founder and CEO Nellie Diamond was outside her brand’s new New York pop-up at 112 Mercer, handing out nap dress-shaped cookies to women who had lined up for the opening. Many prepared for the occasion, dressed in the brand’s signature nap dresses.

The space came together in just two weeks, Diamond said. “We wanted to give people a special reason to come. We had our vacation a few weeks ago, and we [saved] some of the styles sold out and styles that we thought were sold out for the store, ”she said. When the vacation styles went live, the team did not yet have a contextual lease. The brand’s nap dress drops have gone social media phenomena – with every drop, Diamond usually comes live on the brand’s site chatting and advising hundreds of loyal fans of herself and the brand on how to style them.

At the store, many nap dresses are available. However, Diamond saw an opportunity to also give love to the brand’s products that receive less attention. For example, a wall has an arc bar, dedicated to the brand bows and headbands. The brand already has physical retail experience: its Bleecker Street store closed in January 2020.

“I have a headbands and knots theory, which is that if you’re a headband fan you can easily buy them online,” Diamond said. “But a lot of people haven’t tried them, and they don’t know how comfortable ours are either. So the first thing I said about this store was, “We have to make sure we have a headband bar. We need a large mirror with soft, pleasant lighting where they can see each other in a nice way and try on all the headbands. ‘”

The store, which will be open until January, will serve as a holiday shopping destination. Diamond said she was aware of the endless supply chain issues in the fashion world and wanted customers to be able to leave the store after checking a box on their to-do list. As such, she equipped the store with Hill House wrapping paper. Gifts can be wrapped and ready before a customer leaves the store.

Hill House started out as a bedding company, but the 2019 launch of the nap dress has propelled the company into the fashion space. Diamond considers the Nap Dress to be pandemic-proof, comfortable enough for the WFH, but high enough for the outside world, whether it’s in the office or on a date. Nap dresses, she says, stand at the intersection of “what’s practical and beautiful” and allow customers to avoid choosing between being comfortable and looking presentable.

“My theory on nap dresses is that they are like jeans. They are like the basis of your wardrobe. And now I now want to make some products that you can mix and match and make your own with a nap dress. The Ollie sweater, which is sold out online, pairs perfectly on it, and the Luna bodysuit passes perfectly below. And the tights are perfect for layering [with it], “she said. She called these new items” closet mates. “

Over the next two years, the momentum around the nap dress did not slow down and the brand’s clothing offerings expanded significantly. Additionally, Diamond said the company will introduce three new categories next year.

When asked if the brand could try to make the pop-up a permanent store, Diamond said it would depend on customer response. “I plan to spend a ton of time here seeing how people interact,” she said. She added that she would be available to offer style advice, which her nearly 67,000 Instagram followers will surely be delighted with. “I want to see if they like the space and the location. And then from there the world is our oyster, ”she said.

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