Folding paper in Austin and pearl in New Orleans


In this episode, host Ashley Adams profiles the makers of Austin and New Orleans.

Paper Crafts in Austin with Amanda Witucki

Amanda Witucki’s love for paper crafts began with an Exacto knife and magazines – now she decorates the walls of weddings. Her secret giveaways page @secretprezzieproject gives one lucky person a little joy.

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Modern beading and black masking with Demond Melancon in New Orleans

Black Masking Indians are part of a 200-year tradition in New Orleans, and Demond Melancon stands at the center of it as the grand chief of the young Seminole tribe. His work has been shown from the streets of New Orleans to museums in London.

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Spotlight on creators

Sarah Montrond, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Sarah manufactures custom glass pieces, follow her on Instagram for updates and check out her Etsy shop to see more of her glassware.

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Kat Maus – Beverly, Massachusetts

Kat is an illustrator who creates prints inspired by hiking in New England. Discover his online store here.

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