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A branch of the People’s Bank is displayed.

Joseph S. Pete

Finward Bancorp, the parent company of Munster-based Peoples Bank, will begin trading its shares on the Nasdaq when trading opens on Wednesday, making it one of the few companies to trade on the Northwest-based Nasdaq from Indiana.

The 3,479,139 shares of the People’s Bank will go over-the-counter under the symbol NWIN on the electronically traded Nasdaq, the second largest exchange after the New York Stock Exchange.

It will now trade under the symbol FNWD, reflecting the recent rebranding of parent company Peoples Bank from NorthWest Indiana Bancorp to Finward Bancorp so as not to confuse investors due to the bank’s growing footprint on the Illinois side. of the Chicago metro area.

“Listing on a national stock exchange is an important milestone for Finward,” said Benjamin Bochnowski, CEO of Finward. “This is a long-term strategic goal and I’m proud of what our team has accomplished to get us here. We have humble roots as a community bank, and this decision is the result of over 100 years of working on behalf of the clients and the communities we serve. “

The People’s Bank could gain access to more capital, especially from institutional investors who avoid low-volume OTC stocks and from retail investors who will now be able to buy them electronically through websites or apps. Previously, you had to visit a stock broker to place an order in the traditional way to hold shares of the People’s Bank.

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