10 foreign anime exchange students who love Japan

There are a variety of character tropes that appear in the animated series, but one trope that isn’t seen as much as others is the foreign student trope. This type of character is typically seen in Slice of Life series, but there are a few among other genres of anime.

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The ideas behind these characters weren’t overly played out by the creators, so there are many common traits shared between them, primarily a passion for anime and manga. Most of these characters are loud and eccentric, which can be annoying for some characters who are not used to this in their culture, but it is by no means a perfect representation of cultures. Most of the time, the creator is just having fun, maybe playing with stereotypes, but that doesn’t mean the foreign student is less important.

ten Genshiken: club finds new friend and member in Sue Hopkins

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Even after high school, students from Genshiken meet at their respective clubs, but that part of their life is in jeopardy when the after-school board threatens to shut down “Meaningless clubs. The few members of the otaku Genshiken club need to find new members and make sure that their club is always so busy so that it is not closed.

Members find more students to join and also plan trips to conventions. During a trip, they meet Sue Hopkins, an American friend of one of the members, who is traveling to Japan to meet them at an anime convention. They all become friends and, later, Sue becomes an official exchange student at their university and joins the club.

9 Maken-Ki! : Takeru is surrounded by women from all over the world


Long story short, Maken-Ki! centers on a young boy trying to fit into an overpowered high school while juggling his perversions and wife issues, what more anime! In this high school, the most powerful students wield weapons called “crafted” and use magical powers to fight in regular duels. The student body is also made up of a variety of nationalities.

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There are Ya-Min from China and Celia from America, but the nationality of all students is not shared. For example, although everyone knows Akaza is not Japanese, his past remains a mystery.

8 Nurse Angel Ririka SOS: Nozomu is a student out of this world

nurse angel ririka sos nozomu

With a threat from space endangering life on planet Earth, it’s up to an elementary school student and an emissary from another planet to stop the villain’s plot. That emissary is Nozomu, who is tasked with training 10-year-old Ririka in magic, but most of all he needs a clever cover story because he can’t just say he’s from space.

Nozomu tells people that he is a foreign exchange student from England as a cover story, but eventually Ririka’s childhood friend, Seiya, learns the truth and is roped up.

7 Kiniro Mosaic: Friendship can overcome any language barrier

shinobu and alice and their kiniro mosaic friends

As a little girl, Shinobu spent a lot of time in England and, although she did not know the language, she befriended Alice, the daughter of the family she lived with. As she enters high school years later, Shinobu receives a letter in English, which she still does not understand, from Alice explaining that she will go to Shinobu High School with her and live with her in Japan.

The two childhood friends form their own circle of friendship with three other girls, and they each learn about each other’s culture and traditions as they go through high school life together.

6 Hungry Heart -Wild Striker: Football helped Kouji make friends no matter where he lived

kouji of the hungry heart savage attacker

As in most sports anime, athletes love their sport because it has given them friends that they otherwise would never have had. For Kouji, it made all the difference for him in Hungry Heart: Wild Striker. His Japanese father travels a lot for his job which was good when his mother was alive and living with her in Sweden, but after his mother passed away Kouji had to travel with his father which made it difficult to make and keep friends. . Playing soccer is what helped Kouji make friends quickly, and since the sport is played around the world, it suited this teenager’s nomadic life perfectly.

5 Tonari No Kashiwagi-san: Christina left home for love and for the anime

christina muller from tonari no kashiwagi-san

In the romantic adventures of Tonari No Kashiwagi-san, Yuto’s friend Koutaro is revealed to have a German girlfriend. Their love is so strong that they can’t bear to be separated anymore, so Christina, Koutaro’s girlfriend, decides to live in Japan as an exchange student so that she can be with him, but she also has his own personal reason for leaving. Christina is a total otaku and she’s not afraid to proudly admit it. Living in the country that created her favorite form of entertainment is another plus for her.

4 Hungry Heart – Wild Striker: football means a lot to Rodrigo

hungry heart savage attacker rodrigo

The main football team of Hungry Heart: Wild Striker is introduced to Rafael Rodrigo del Canto, their second foreign athlete who came from Brazil to play and they quickly learn that for him, playing football is more than living a dream, it is supporting his family at home.

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Back in Brazil, Rodrigo didn’t have a lot of opportunities, which is why he got a scholarship at Jojyou High. Rather than working with the team, he hopes that by winning goals on his own and being the MVP, he can achieve his goal of becoming a professional much sooner.

3 Assassination Classroom: Asano gets an advantage with the help of his friends around the world

assaniation class asano

With Bo-taoshi’s upcoming match against the boys in Class 3-E, Asano decided to bring some more muscle, literally, with the addition of four beefy exchange students from around the world to help his class. . Asano’s goal was to build the confidence of his classmates who still felt defeated by their loss to Class 3-E in the final of the first semester of Assassination class.

To Asano’s dismay, the brute strength of his foreign friends was beaten by the clever strategy of the 3-E class. Worse yet, Asano was berated by his father who witnessed the defeat. Asano’s close friend from America, Kevin, came to his defense but was ultimately severely beaten. He probably won’t be returning to Japan anytime soon.

2 My Hero Academia: Pony Tsunotori is shy in his personality but wild as a hero

Pony in his school uniform

One of the many impressive heroes in formation of My hero universityAt first, Pony appears to be a cute and shy girl, but when it comes to fighting as a hero, she can be difficult to deal with. Its quirk is simple but very effective. Pony can throw her horns at the enemy and control their movements however she wants, and most impressive is that they have a powerful punch.

Since she is not from Japan and is not completely familiar with the language, Pony sometimes says cruel things unintentionally, but this is mainly because her classmate Neito is forcing her to say these things.

1 Lucky Star: Patricia is thrilled to be living her Otaku / Weeb dream as a Japanese citizen

patricia martin from Lucky Star

At the age of 15, Patricia was already living alone in Japan, a foreign country where she made friends at Ryouou high school. During his stay in Good star, her friends learn that she was brought to live in Japan as a foreign student due to her passion for anime and manga. She even learned the language by watching anime and reading manga.

With her bubbly personality, it’s hard not to be attracted to Patricia, but her native Japanese friends sometimes find it difficult to communicate with her because of her accent and because her pseudo-Japanese lessons were decidedly not enough. .

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