Increasing the Loan

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You can now apply for an increase on the purchase loan.

The purchase money renewed its loan products again.

After the latest change, it is now possible to raise the loan .

In practice, this means that all customers of the Shopping Cart can choose to raise the capital of their existing loan up to EUR 10,000.

If you are already a Shopping Cart customer and need more loan , you do not need to apply for it from any other loan provider, but you can conveniently raise your existing loan.

You can apply for an Upgrade Your Loan Loan if you have handled the repayment so far, paid 6 installments or 30% of the loan capital.


An example of raising a loan:

  • Old Unpaid Loan: EUR 4,000.
  • Loan applied for: EUR 3,000.
  • Amount of the new loan after the increase: EUR 7000.
  • New loan repayment period max. 72 months.
  • Your account will be paid 3000 euros.
  • Monthly installment of the new loan is EUR 204.24.
  • The total amount to be repaid is EUR 14,704.39.

Here’s how to raise a loan:

Sign up for a loan application on the Ostosraha website.

Select the loan amount of the new loan and the desired payment time.

Add the outstanding loan amount of the current loan.

Get your loan decision right away and cash in to your account in about 15 minutes.



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