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As its name suggests, the Zero Rate Eco-Loan is an interest-free credit (these are paid by the State) which allows you to carry out work to promote energy savings of your home.

To qualify, you must own and occupy your home as a principal residence or own a dwelling occupied as a principal residence by a tenant. If this is your case, and you want to buy a home in the old and consider work to improve the thermal performance of your home, you can enjoy a Eco-Ready Zero Rate. The duration of this loan is between 3 and 15 years.

You should also know that:

  • Eco-Zero Rate Loan is only for dwellings completed before 1 January 1990.
  • Its attribution is not subject to conditions of resources.
  • The same dwelling can not benefit from more than one Eco-Ready Zero Rate.
  • The work must be done by a professional within 2 years after the date of issuance of the loan offer.

The three categories of work financed by the Zero Rate Eco-Loan are:

1. Work related to insulation, heating or hot water production

For these works, the maximum amounts of the Eco-Prêt à Zero Rate are 20 000 € for 2 works and 30 000 € for 3 or more works.

This category of works must imperatively correspond to the combination of a bouquet of at least 2 types of work appearing in the list of the 6 following works:

  • Insulation
    – Thermal insulation of roofs,
    – Thermal insulation of the walls facing the outside,
    – Thermal insulation of glazed walls and doors leading to the outside,
  • Heating
    – Installation, regulation or replacement of heating systems, where appropriate combined with economical and efficient ventilation systems or – production of domestic hot water,
    – Installation of heating equipment using a renewable energy source.
  • Hot water
    – Installation of hot water production equipment using a renewable energy source.

Good to know: The respect of the technical characteristics of the works must be attested by the companies that carry them out. Induced and indissociable work related to energy saving works can also be financed by the loan.

2. Work to improve overall energy performance

Image result for zero interest loanFor this work, the Eco-Loan at Zero Rate is capped at € 30,000 maximum.

The work must make it possible to limit, below a certain threshold, the energy consumption of your home for heating, hot water, lighting and auxiliaries. “We advise you to carry out a thermal study to define the most suitable work to be done to reach this threshold.

Good to know: Only dwellings completed between 01/01/1948 and 01/01/1990 are included in this category.

3. Rehabilitation works of the non-collective sewerage system

For this work, the maximum amount of the Zero Rate Eco-Loan is € 10,000.

This work concerns the rehabilitation of the sanitation systems of individual dwellings, using devices that consume no energy.
Since the 1992 Water Act, some of whose provisions were strengthened by the Water and Aquatic Environments Act of December 2006, the owners of a dwelling that is not connected to the public sewage collection system must equip a non-collective sanitation installation (septic tank and wastewater treatment), in good working order.

The work must be done by a professional

Apply for Zero Rate Eco-Loan

Zero Rate Eco-Loan is a government-assisted regulated loan and you need to take a number of steps to qualify for it.

  • In accordance with the Construction and Housing Code, you must first complete a “quote form” in which you certify:
    – The date of completion of your home,
    – His occupation in principal residence by yourself or your tenant.

And, of course, you must specify the amount of the loan you want.
The companies you are applying for must, for their part, commit to the eligibility of your work for the Eco-Prêt à Zero Rate and certify the quality of the materials used.

  • This document must be accompanied by the specifications of the descriptive and estimated works, if necessary of the expenses of project management (study thermal, architect, office of study …) and the possible costs of insurance, and all the necessary personal documents a loan application (including the last tax notice).
  • At the end of the work, and at the latest within 2 years after the date of issuance of the loan offer, you must send the “invoice form” duly completed and accompanied by the corresponding invoices.

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